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A space for you 

Sessions can offer some of the following depending on what you need:

-A protected time for you to think about your experiences, thoughts and emotions

-Reflect on narratives and stories you have and considering alternative perspectives

-An opportunity to consider how relationships in your life have influence you

-Using creative approaches to explore how you are coping and managing

-Considering mindfulness and other approaches to improve your wellbeing

-Paying attention to movement, the body and how you feel in the present moment.

Sessions currently on video or telephone. Face-to-face sessions can be arranged outdoors giving you the opportunity to move or walk if this is preferable to you currently. Please get in touch via the contact page with any questions and for further information


Cost per Session: £100 for 50 minutes 

A sliding scale can be requested: £90 - £100

Payment by: Bank transfer or Cash

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