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Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)



VIG is an evidence based approach recommended within the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. VIG has a strong theoretical base including attachment theory and mentalization.


Initially during consultation, a goal or helping question is defined which helps provide a focus for the work around what change is most desired. Caregivers are then filmed in a separate session during an interaction between a parent and the child and ‘better than usual moments’ are selected to look at together with attunement in mind. 

A 'Shared Review' session is then arranged where the parents or caregivers are encouraged to reflect and often learn more about how they are relating, communicating and connecting with their children. A 'VIG Cycle' is a filming session followed by a shared review.


VIG supports caregivers to adopt a culture of curiosity whilst considering their own thoughts, beliefs and ideas that shape their interactions. I have seen how VIG can enrich and thicken narratives about a child alongside enhancing bonds within relationships. I have witnessed how the process of VIG supports caregivers in developing understanding about how their children think and feel. It is a powerful tool, which gives families positive feedback on what they are doing well. 

I have used this approach with caregivers and their children and observed how the use of images and video can be reinforcing of things that caregivers are doing well. It also enables conversations about aspects of relationships that could be strengthened.

Sessions are face-to-face or online using a video platform. For further information please get in touch


Initial consultations: £100

Parents are offered the opportunity to then have between 1 and 3 cycles of VIG. One VIG cycle is then £220

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