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Pregnant belly

The experience of becoming a parent is a journey. I speak with mothers, fathers and couples together to explore any themes that come up when thinking around the baby or child in mind. I also think systemically about wider family members and broader factors such as culture, race and social issues.

-Sessions available prior to conception (trying for a baby, undertaking IVF treatment, sharing infertility concerns and thinking about the couple relationship during this time)

-Antenatal and Perinatal: Space to talk during pregnancy which can be a wonderful and challenging period. Explore your changing body, changes in your relationships, considering the psychological process of becoming a mother or a father and a parent. Sometimes during this period you may reflect on your own childhood experiences and would like to consider the mother or father you would like to be 

-Postnatal: Sometimes the reality of daily life with a baby can be full of the unexpected and the unknown. Explore what is most pressing for you safely in a non-judgemental space 

-Premature or sick term babies: I have specialist experience working with babies on Neonatal Intensive care units (NICU) and special care wards (SCBU). Sessions can provide emotional support in extremely distressing periods whilst babies are in hospital or following discharge. 


-Birth trauma: a space to share your experience of giving birth and coping following a traumatic delivery. Your birth may not have gone as you had hoped or planned and it might have been traumatic for you. I offer listening and reframing sessions holding trauma informed care and evidence based research in mind. I aim to support you in bonding with your baby following a difficult beginning. Sometimes parents have experienced miscarriages, the death of a baby or their baby has been premature or ill after delivery. These sessions can be helpful to allow you the space to make sense of your experiences, connect to yourself or partners alongside your baby/ babies.  

Sessions on the telephone or via video call currently. 

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in duration. EMDR sessions are 90 minutes duration 


Cost per 50 minute session: £100 individually or £120 for a couple

Sliding scale available: £90-120

EMDR: £120-150

Mother Holding Baby
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